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How can I apply to become a driver for IDK Trucking?
Apply online at this link: apply. Applying online is the best option, but we can also mail, fax, or email an application to you. Contact us at 855.435.8782 for information about applying via mail, fax, or email.

What areas of the United States do you serve?
Our drivers are permitted to service all of the contiguous 48 states, as long as the prospective load meets the minimum size requirements set by IDK Trucking.

What types of freight do you transport?
IDK Trucking transports dry and refrigerated products, along with flatbed loads. Contact us today to inquire about your freight transportation needs.

Do you offer benefits?
Yes, IDK Trucking has a competitive compensation plan, and also offers an opportunity for its employees to save for retirement that you can adapt to your preferred amount of risk tolerance. IDK Trucking also offers an employer match for retirement contributions up to 3 percent.

How long is IDK Trucking’s driver orientation program?
IDK Trucking tailors its driver orientation program to each new driver’s experience level, and the time required varies on case by case basis. More experienced drivers can complete the orientation faster, given their baseline experience level and the needs of IDK Trucking.

How many trucks are in IDK Trucking’s fleet?

IDK Trucking has a fleet of 30 trucks and growing! We intend to maintain a manageable fleet by design, to be able to maximize the profits distributed to our owner-employees, drivers, and members of the company with ease. We strive to limit our administrative costs in order to maximize return for our owner-employees and staff.

What kind of trucks are in IDK Trucking’s fleet?
IDK Trucking features a fleet of Peterbilt trucks, with well-maintained models from 2010 to present. All models include APUs and 1500 watt inverters.

Does IDK Trucking use E-logs or paper logs?
At present, IDK Trucking uses paper logs that most experienced drivers are accustomed to using. However, as the industry shifts to e-logs, we will make the transition as required to comply with new industry standards when necessary.

Does IDK Trucking allow a driver to include a rider on its trucks?
Yes. IDK Trucking does offer a rider policy, but it must be approved prior to the rider being allowed to ride in the truck and the rider must be at least eighteen years old.

Does IDK Trucking allow drivers to bring pets on your trucks?
IDK Trucking does allow a driver’s pet to ride in its trucks with prior approval. Each pet must be evaluated and meet breed restrictions since certain aggressive breeds are prohibited on IDK Trucking equipment, and weight requirements. Each driver must also provide current immunization records for each pet during the approval process. Each pet requires a $500 pet deposit, which can be paid in four installments via payroll deductions of $125 each. In addition, the driver must also sign an agreement that states that the driver is fully responsible for the truck and any damage to the truck from the pet, and that any incidents that occur involving the pet are solely the responsibility of the driver and not IDK Trucking.